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Product backlog burndown help

Product backlog burndown shows the progress of the team in story points along the Sprints and the prediction based on team velocity of future Sprints.

Understanding the burndown

The line (or lines in multi-project teams) represent the pending SPs of Sprint PBIs day by day (this is not related in any way with the PBI SPs field, nevertheless first PBI pending SPs value uses to be equal to the SPs field).

Working with predictions

This plugin has three predictions modes:

  • Regular mode (Use all PBIs from last N Sprints to calculate the velocity): team velocity is calculated using the media of the closed PBIs SPs in the last N Sprints.
  • Scheduled mode (Only scheduled ones): same as regular mode but only the scheduled PBIs will count in the team velocity. Scheduled ones are PBIs created before the Sprint starts, others are considered as Sprint interruptions, so they will not increase the team velocity.
  • Custom mode: just play with custom velocity values.

Burndown on multi-project teams

If you have several projects under the Scrum team project, and you assign PBIs & tasks to those child projects (they should also have Scrum module enabled), then the burndown could be decomposed in several series, one serie per subproject.

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Product backlog burndown