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Sprint burndown by SPs help

Sprint burndown by SPs shows the progress of the team in story points. The valor can accurately logged by users (via pending story points field, it must be enabled under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin) or with less precision when each PBI is closed.

Logging pending SPs day by day

Every team member must log the pending SPs day by day in the PBIs. Due the fact the plugin records every pending SPs on the day is logged, don't forget to log that value every day if you want an accurate burndown graph.

Understanding the burndown by SPs

Pending SPs line (or lines in multi-project teams) represents the pending SPs of Sprint PBIs day by day (this is not related in any way with the PBI SPs field, nevertheless usually PBI pending SPs use to be equal to the SPs field when we start working on the PBI).

Burndown on multi-project teams

If you have several projects under the Scrum team project, and you assign PBIs & tasks to those child projects (they should also have Scrum module enabled), then the burndown could be decomposed in several series, one serie per subproject.

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Sprint burndown (SPs)




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