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PBIs & tasks

An Sprint board includes PBIs & tasks. PBIs (or Product Backlog Items) are typically user stories, bugs, technical debts... and they are composed of child tasks. Under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin you can configure which issue trackers are considered PBIs and which are considered tasks.

PBIs are located on the left part of the board, tasks on the right columns. There is a column per possible task status (these statuses are configurable under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin).

A lot of the described features are enabled only with permissions, so take a look to Administration » Roles & permissions » Permissions report to enable/disable permissions for each role.

Working with PBIs

PBIs can be created in this board with the links at the end of the board or moved from the product backlog view.

Once you have PBIs on the Sprint board, you can dragged in vertical to change their order (so the team will start with the ones at the beginning). In the PBI post-it you will see its attributes (to enable more/less attributes take a look to Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin). You can edit them clicking on the pencil icon.

PBIs are estimated in story points (SPs), you can edit directly this value clicking on the SPs value and typing a new value (then press ENTER or TAB). If use remaining story points is enabled (under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin) then you will see that field also in the post-it, it's also editable; this is used to calculate a precise Sprint burndown by SPs, so don't forget to update it day by day (before leaving the office).

Working with tasks

Tasks are technical things to be done in order to complete a PBI. They can be created directly clicking on the icon in the PBI post-its (or creating new child issues from the PBI issue form).

To change task status, just drag & drop in horizontal direction (or edit & change its status). Take care of your tracker work flow, because maybe some movements are forbidden for some roles (ask your administrators). There are a few automatic actions involved when you move task post-its (take a look to Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin to enable/configure them):

  • When you move the first task from new (first tracker state defined in the admin settings) to any other state, the plugin change parent PBI status to in progress (the second state).
  • When you change a task status to anything but new, and it has not assignee, the plugin set it to current user; if the task is changed to new status, the assignee is removed.
  • When the last task is closed, the remaining effort is set to zero and the parent PBI is changed to a configurable status (i.e. resolved).

Tasks are estimated in hours, using the estimated effort field, this is also editable in the post-it. In order to calculate an Sprint burndown by hours is also necessary to fill the remaining effort field (day by day). You can log time to the tasks clicking on log entry icon.

As soon as you assign a task or log time into it, an orange mini-post-it (color is configurable under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin) is attached to the task, and a green one in case you log review time (review time has also to be configured under Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin). This allow to follow up how is doing what easily.

Support this Redmine Scrum plugin

In order to be an open source & free plugin, I need your support:


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