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Advanced roadmap changes behaviour of default Redmine subprojects

Added by Anirudhsinh Zala over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I am not sure whether this is Bug or not but we see a particular problem with this plugin in sub-projects.

We have 1 main project and several subprojects which are part of it. Since we have shared team for all subprojects, we create version in main project and add issues from different subprojects are added into that version. This helps us monitor activities of whole team for all subprojects by common version in Roadmap and team leaders of respective subprojects can still manage their issues in individual project so that they can only see their project's issues when Roadmap is seen from respective project.

This works nice in default Redmine, but once we added Advanced roadmap plugin, when we try to see roadmap from any subproject, it shows issues of all subprojects for particular version. For example in version V1, if I add issues I1 from project P1 and I2 from project P2 etc. then roadmap of V1 from project P1 show only I1 and roadmap of P2 should show only I2 in V1.

Please let me know whether this is bug or intended behaviour.


Updated by Anirudhsinh Zala over 12 years ago

Btw, we use Redmine version 1.2.1 with following plugins

Advanced roadmap & milestones plugin
Contacts plugin
Projects Tree View plugin
Redmine Charts
Issue Importer
Scrumdashboard plugin
Redmine Time Tracker plugin
Redmine Task List plugin
Redmine Whining plugin

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