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20:00 Advanced roadmap Error #1579 (Resolved): Fail to run Redmine 4 in production mode (No such file to load -- RMagick.rb (LoadError))
Emilio González Montaña
19:38 Advanced roadmap Error #1579 (Resolved): Fail to run Redmine 4 in production mode (No such file to load -- RMagick.rb (LoadError))
Error logged:... Emilio González Montaña
19:42 Advanced roadmap Revision aa365225: #1579 Fix Redmine init error loading rmagick gem
Emilio González Montaña


09:44 Scrum Defect #1577: Internal error sorting task by sprints
Have you migrate redmine plugins first? missing table error is pointing to that... @PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: missin... Emilio González Montaña


09:56 Redmine plugins Problem with email configuration
Hi all,
There was a problem during latest months with email configuration (thanks Maxim), so *you were not able to...
Emilio González Montaña


19:01 Scrum Revision 0db245a0: Merge branch 'feature/1575-time-simple-pbis' into 'master'
[#1575] Update plugin tips for simple PBIs on Sprint board
See merge request redmine/scrum!23
Emilio González Montaña
19:00 Scrum Revision 8f03eaf0: Merge branch 'feature/1575-time-simple-pbis' into 'master'
Feature/1575 time simple pbis
See merge request redmine/scrum!22
Emilio González Montaña
17:07 Scrum Revision ad6be2b4: [#1575] Update plugin tips for simple PBIs on Sprint board
Emilio González Montaña
17:01 Scrum Revision caccec3a: [#1575] Simple PBIs renders logged time (not total)
Emilio González Montaña
16:57 Scrum Revision 41897d64: [#1575] Fix rendering of PBIs doers & reviewers on Sprint board
Emilio González Montaña

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