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19:09 Scrum User story #1568 (Resolved): How to become a supporter?
Yes sure, just go to and at least a silver supporter, then create account at my git repo at ...


06:16 Scrum Defect #1567: Sprint board and backlog became empty after configuring setting.
Please, provide logs with the error.


23:15 Scrum User story #1292 (Rejected): please explain how to used this plugin
Plugin includes help in each plugin view (including plugin settings).
23:14 Scrum User story #1379 (Rejected): Auto hide sprint board columns
Statuses are not customizable by project.
Current version only shows enabled trackers on project.
22:28 Scrum Revision 75d1a501: #1566 Add assignee gravatar to post-it edition
22:20 Scrum User story #1566 (New): Visual improvements
22:18 Scrum User story #1550 (Resolved): Redmine 4 support
20:06 Advanced roadmap Feature #1565 (Resolved): Redmine 4 support
19:47 Advanced roadmap Revision 4abc9445: Merge branch 'feature/1565-redmine-4' into 'master'
Feature/1565 redmine 4
See merge request redmine/advanced_roadmap!1
19:45 Advanced roadmap Revision 5718a5a0: [#1565] Change build & update_attributes by safe_attributes

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