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20:41 Scrum Problems or support: RE: Drop-down list of all Sprints
It's very useful to see past Sprints in order to check what it was done (not only board but also Sprint stats).
Emilio González Montaña


15:40 Scrum User story #1611 (Resolved): Would like to Filter by assignee in Product backlog
Done, checkout latest master branch.
Thanks for your support Tristan :)
Emilio González Montaña
14:57 Scrum User story #1611 (In progress): Would like to Filter by assignee in Product backlog
Emilio González Montaña
15:39 Scrum Revision e2732ae0: #1611 Add filter by assignee to product backlog
Emilio González Montaña
13:14 Scrum Defect #1608 (Rejected): Blocked custom field value not showed
Since version#217 (#1566), blocked is presented as an icon, not as a mini-post-it...
Are you sure you're using ver...
Emilio González Montaña
12:59 Scrum Defect #1609 (Resolved): Backlog is not refreshed after moving PBI to bottom
Thanks for the error report & the fix! Emilio González Montaña
12:58 Scrum Revision e489eaf1: #1609 Fix sorting backlog error
Emilio González Montaña
12:52 Scrum Defect #1583: Error when loading backlog: NoMethodError (undefined method `reset_positions_in_list' for #<Issue:0x00007fab205fd390>):
Added extra protection just in case... Emilio González Montaña
12:52 Scrum Defect #1610 (Rejected): Undefined method 'reset_positions_in_list' for Issue
Duplicated by #1583. Emilio González Montaña
12:51 Scrum Defect #1603 (Rejected): Displaying backlog gives Internal error
Duplicated by #1583. Emilio González Montaña

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