Tests on Rails


Main features of Tests on Rails:

  • Tests edition with wiki syntax edition style.
  • User with login to protect the application access with several roles.
  • Exam generation to print or to be run by candidates via web. The results will be stored to be used by the examiners.
  • Questions can be categorized.
  • Every question has details:
    • Author.
    • Creation and update dates.
    • Statistics about the answers on exams.
  • The application has a settings view to customize it.



Editing a question with wiki syntax:

Question is shown with colors and code style, with several details on the right:

Questions can be categorized:


Exam generation:

An exam is a list of questions, with navigation along the questions:

Users and security

The application is protected by a login system:

Users can be added easily:


The settings can be edited from the application itself:


It's just a Ruby on Rails (Ruby on Rails installation is not explaned here) application, download it and then:

  1. Generate a config/database.yml (one example is provided).
  2. Configure unicorn to serve the application on config/unicorn.conf.rb (one example is provided).
  3. Create and migrate database:
    rake db:create
    rake db:migrate
  4. Run the unicorn server:
    unicorn_rails -p 3000

A default user admin is created with password admin.