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05:45 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: More color pallets
Emilio González Montaña escribió:
> Please consider support via: to provide patches ...
Rakesh ss
05:41 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: More color pallets
Add border-collapse: separate; to post-it style in scrum.css to get post-it shadow in IE browser Rakesh ss


14:11 Scrum Ideas for features: Updates to above changes
Rakesh ss
13:32 Scrum Ideas for features: Sprint Board: Show Product backlog in Sprint Backlog
D:\Bitnami\redmine-3.4.5-0\apps\redmine\htdocs\plugins\scrum\lib\scrum\setting.rb (update)... Rakesh ss


10:09 Scrum Ideas for features: Few more changes I want to propose
Hi, thanks for including the changes in the plug-in
Some more thanges I want to propose (using Redmine 3.4.5-0)
Rakesh ss


07:02 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: More color pallets
Note we can post the changes in this forum,
if its violating any license agreement, plz remove this post
Rakesh ss
06:01 Scrum Ideas for features: More color pallets
h2. _scrum_settings.html.erb... Rakesh ss


13:01 Scrum Problems or support: Autocalculate: for Story point in sprint board
I have created a custom field "Story point"
for the backlog,
!storypoint_custom field.png!
So for the backlog ite...
Rakesh ss

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