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11:55 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: Automatic changes on sprint Board
Why not implement it for users to choose in the settings? Stina Nyman


13:28 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: Sprint burndown calculations by StorytPoints not by estimated time or efford
I agree too! Stina Nyman
13:17 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: startdate and due-date autofill
That would be nice! I want that too. Stina Nyman
13:09 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: Scrum Usage Feature---sprint period, task card double clicking display contents
I also agree on doing the release planning more easy! Stina Nyman
13:05 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: in product backlog page, the user can drag the backlog item to sprint list.
I agree, this feature would be great! Stina Nyman
13:04 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: Mouseover tooltips for "Description" property of UserStories and Todos in backlog and sprint board
It would be great if it's possible to click (or dubble click) a task on the sprint board to show the description in a... Stina Nyman

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