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# Proyecto Tipo Estado Asunto Prioridad Categoría % Realizado Tiempo estimado
1439ScrumUser storyIn progressMultiproject improvementsNormalGeneral

1428ScrumDefectNewStadistic the Scrum - Internal errorNormalGeneral stats

1415ScrumUser storyNewSimplified Chinese translation file for V.0.17.0Normal

1414Advanced roadmapSupportNewSimplified Chinese translation file for V.0.11.0NormalLocales

1406ScrumUser storyIn progressFilter PB, PB burndown & release plan by projectNormalProduct backlog

1393ScrumDefectNewCannot save plugin settingsLowProject settings

1380Advanced roadmapErrorNewUndefined method 'abort' for Redmine::Helpers::GanttNormalIssues

1379ScrumUser storyNewAuto hide sprint board columns NormalSprint board

1373ScrumDefectNewError when trying to add PBI or tasks into a sprint backlogHighSprint board

1342ScrumUser storyNewValues for Sprint field cannot be imported using CSV-ImportNormalIssues list & form

1340Advanced roadmapFeatureNewMilestone and Versions orderingNormalMilestones

1339ScrumUser storyNew[PATCH] French translation updateNormal

1338ScrumDefectNewCant create Sprint in local setup due to start and end dateNormalSettings & admin

1335ScrumUser storyNewWhen adding a new "To Do"-Item, please add estimated hours as a form field.Normal

1334ScrumDefectNewAfter creating or modifying a ticket using a todo-item, you cannot move any ticket to other lanes anymore.Normal

1325Advanced roadmapFeatureNewAssign tickets to MilestoneLowMilestones

1298ScrumUser storyNewMulti-team support in backlog burndown chartNormalProduct backlog burndown

1297ScrumDefectNewSprint burndown SPs and Hours show wrong curve and dataHighSprint burndown

1295Advanced roadmapErrorNewcalendar display milestone information has some errorHigh

1294ScrumTo doNewAdd "% Done" to "Fields to render with"Normal

1293ScrumDefectNewSub tickets of tasks are not displayed on the sprint boardNormalSprint board

1292ScrumUser storyNewplease explain how to used this pluginNormalSprint board

1291ScrumUser storyNewFilter By AssigneeNormalSprint board

1290ScrumUser storyNewSprint with orphan tasks (no parent PBI)NormalSprint board

1289ScrumDefectNewError in calendarNormalCalendar

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