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# Project Tracker Status Subject Priority Category % Done Estimated time
1569 Scrum Defect New Internal Server Error Normal General

1567 Scrum Defect New Sprint board and backlog became empty after configuring setting. High Sprint board

1566 Scrum User story New Visual improvements Normal Post-its & styling

1563 Redmine plugins Support New Error when trying to add tasks into a sprint backlog Urgent

1562 Localizable Feature New Redmine 4 compatibility Normal

1561 Advanced roadmap Error New undefined method `milestone_effective_date' when i try to create new milestone. Normal Milestones

1558 Scrum User story New Problem with scrum plugin. Normal Sprint board

1556 Localizable Error New Internal error Normal

1554 Scrum Defect New Wrong calculation of hours per storypoints Normal General stats

1553 Scrum Defect New Install version 0.19.0 - Error Normal

1552 Redmine plugins Support New Problem when creating Tasks Normal

1551 Scrum Defect New Usernames overlap the "effort booking" button on a Story Task Normal Sprint board

1549 Scrum Defect New High cpu usage with Scrum Plugin Normal General

1548 Advanced roadmap Error New White font on issue listiing Normal

1547 Scrum User story New Basic Kanban board Normal

1546 Scrum Defect New Internal Server Error Normal Settings & admin

1544 Scrum Defect New when closed all issue in single sprint board,is it this drop down list will hiddent the sprint list ? Normal

1543 Scrum Defect New Cannot drag&drop task after editing using pop-up Normal Sprint board

1541 Advanced roadmap Feature New Add hook to ticket properties Normal Permissions

1540 Advanced roadmap Feature New Child tickets not visible in roadmap Normal Roadmap

1539 Scrum Defect New The page is not updated after move a PBI to different backlog Normal Product backlog

1536 Scrum User story New Add option to hide closed PBI's in Sprint Board Normal Sprint board

1535 Scrum User story New Updated Simplified Chinese translation file for 0.18.1 Normal General

1533 Scrum User story New Backlog : before_filter on wrong actions (new, create) Normal

1532 Scrum User story New Story Points changed independently : no journal added Normal

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