Scrum: New plugin release (v0.15.0) (4 comentarios)

Añadido por Emilio González Montaña hace 4 meses

A new plugin release is available in Files tab.

Usability has been improved, now you can share Sprints with child projects (edit Sprint on project settings to enable this new Shared flag).

Take a look to Scrum v0.15.0 for further details on this release changes.

Scrum: Scrum v0.7.0 released!!! with new features :) (1 comentario)

Añadido por Emilio González Montaña hace más de 2 años

New version again, this time with a lot of new features (& bug fixes):
  • Sprint stats (2 new permissions added, check permissions in Admin settings).
  • Avatar in post-its in the Sprint task board.
  • Now issues position could be render in issues lists (including on CSV, PDF... exports).
  • ...

Take a look to the Files section to download it and don't forget to check Scrum v0.7.0 for further details about the new features.

Enjoy! and let me know if there is something wrong in Forums.

Advanced roadmap: New release 0.3.0!!! (1 comentario)

Añadido por Emilio González Montaña hace alrededor de 6 años

New and better release, with settings to personalize the plugin (colors, ratios, and more...).

Also improved estimations of due in times, with an estimated speed ratio based on closed issues on a version.

Versions can have a parallel factor used to work with an equip of more than one person on the same version.


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