Redmine SCRUM plugin v0.18.0 released

Added by Emilio González Montaña over 6 years ago

A ton of new features finally available:
  • Redmine 3.4.X series support.
  • Help dialogs all over the plugin views (Sprint board, Product backlog, Scrum stats, plugin & project settings...).
  • Support for multi-project Scrum teams:
    • Sprints/PBs can be shared along child projects.
    • Burndowns (Sprint & PB) with one serie per project.
    • Post-its shows project name if they are from child projects.
    • Filter Sprint board & PB by child project (to only render PBIs of that project).
  • Project & sprint stats table on Sprints & PB views.
  • Pending SPs for PBIs & new burndown by SPs calculation (new settings + permission).
  • Close PBIs when all tasks are closed (new setting).
  • Bug fixing.

After updating the plugin, take a deep look to plugin settings & permissions.

If you want this version, you can:
  1. Download it from Files tab: scrum-v0.18.0.tar.gz.
  2. Clone my GIT repo (only for Patreon supporters, now only with 5$ tier!).

For further details about this version, take a look to Scrum v0.18.0.

If you want this plugin to be open source & free, please consider support it via:

Thanks in advance :)