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Estimated due date for Milestone

Added by Artur H over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Due in and Due in (estimated speed) are very nice. However, I would like it to be extended with a little more functionality:
  1. Estimated completion date - calculated date when the Milestone will be completed. It should take into account only workdays (omit weekends from calculation). Also for the Estimated due-date it could use configurable workload. So, let's say we know we can only dedicate 50% of resources to the project, so 8h of work would be done in 2 days. So, it would be very useful to have calculated completion date with all the constraints.
  2. Estimated completion date (estimated speed) as above, but instead of using configured workload, use the calculated speed for estimation completion date. And of course omit weekends from the calculation.

Updated by Emilio González Montaña over 7 years ago

Did you try the parallel effort custom fields for versions? More or less it calculates what you want, you set each version with a parallel effort factor (i.e. 5 people is 5.0 factor), then the effort left is calculated with this value...

You need to create a custom field (i.e. Parallel effort) as a float number for Versions, the go to plugin settings & select it.

Then edit each version & set a paralleled factor.

The only missing feature could be to calculate estimated due date... (I think, give it a try and let me know after).


Updated by Artur H over 7 years ago

Thank you for suggestion. Yes, this works quite well indeed. The only missing part now is the estimated due-date. However, the due-date should take into calculations weekends.


Updated by Emilio González Montaña about 7 years ago

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The auto calculated field is only presented in milestones view (maybe it could be also applied to settings view, calendar, gantt... in the future).

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