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Assign tickets to Milestone

Added by Artur H over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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I would like to use Milestone for Release planning. So it would be very useful to be able to assign tickets to a Milestone.

The way I see it working is:
  1. I plan for next big product release which involves a few Redmine projects
  2. I create a new Milestone for that (I call it Release) and create a set of "Features" for the release.
  3. Now I create new version for each project involved and assign it to the Milestone
  4. Now, within a project version I create subticket of Milestone features for implementing this feature within this project version
  5. Then we could have a Spring in each project for a feature implementation.

Do you think it makes sense?


Updated by Emilio González Montaña about 7 years ago

It's not feasible with current plugin design. At least without starting from scratch...

Just an idea, did you consider to group release/milestone features under a version? from my understanding then you could still create other subtickets on other projects and versions as you described. Does it makes any sense for you?


Updated by Artur H about 7 years ago

Yes, this is how we do it right now. We have a dedicated project for releases planning. In the project we create a new Milestone and a new Version plus we assign to the milestone Versions from other projects which are related.

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