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22:48 Scrum Defect #1155: Error opening Scrum Stats

The recomended version should be 3.1.x then.
The plugins page on redmine's site should be updated, it says:
Leonardo Sena


22:35 Scrum Defect #1155 (Resolved): Error opening Scrum Stats
The following error is throw on the production log:... Leonardo Sena


23:03 Scrum Defect #1052: Tasks not problerly displayed on sprit board - some tasks are displayed as tasks and backlog items
This is a configuration issue, you have the same type of tasks define both as *Product Backlog Item* and *Tasks*.
Leonardo Sena


21:50 Scrum Defect #1008: install fail on redmine 3.0.0/3.0.1
I had to run the following commands to be able to migrate my plugins:
bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate (wh...
Leonardo Sena
21:47 Scrum User story #1048 (New): Sprint Board - Show two decimal cases on Post-its
I noticed that on *Time by Activity* the effort and spent time are shown with two decimal values.
While on the *Spri...
Leonardo Sena
21:42 Scrum User story #1047 (Resolved): Option to Close/Inactivate a Sprint
When opening tasks, i noticed that we can open a task on an older Sprint.
We need some field to close or inactivat...
Leonardo Sena
16:19 Scrum Defect #1046 (New): Translation file mixing up languages
I created a pt-BR.yml file on the /config/locale folder, but the texts are getting mixed between english and pt-BR.
Leonardo Sena


20:53 Scrum User story #1045 (New): Brazillian Portuguese Translation
Portuguese translation by me ( Leonardo Sena

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