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13:16 Scrum Ideas for features: Hide backlog position changes from history
When a User Story is reallocated diverse times in the Backlog, its history is drowned by a lot of "Position changed f... João Paulo Scalett


14:15 Scrum Ideas for features: Automatic changes on sprint Board
Some features that might be useful:
1. When setting the status of a task from To-do to Working, automatically asig...
João Paulo Scalett
14:03 Scrum Ideas for features: RE: One Sprint for multiples projects
Ricardo, my team has the same issue. We solved it by creating a base "super project", which is parent for all of our ... João Paulo Scalett


12:38 Scrum User story #1017: Enable the user to edit tasks pending effort for days in the past
I am still facing an issue when the task has no pending effort added in the past days.
1. The task was creat...
João Paulo Scalett

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