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01:55 Scrum Defect #947 (New): some errors occur while I run "rake"
I install the plugins, and it works fine.
Later I try to install another plugin, and some error messages occur.
I t...
Lin Ye


02:53 Scrum Defect #847: Calendar shows 500 after install
With following author's indications, I fixed it by myself. And I tanslate it by myself.
I submit the path, I hope it...
Lin Ye


02:11 Scrum User story #940 (New): I wanna submit a Chinese translation file
I translated it by myself. Lin Ye
02:06 Scrum Defect #939 (Rejected): I try to upgrade v0.8 to v0.9, but fail
step 1:
I removed the scrum folder.
step 2:
I download the v0.9
step 3:
bundle install
step 4:
rake redmine:pl...
Lin Ye


04:22 Scrum Defect #933 (Rejected): the plugin doesn't support the rich text editor , e.g ckeditor
when I try to edit a sprint's detail, it shows incorrectly.
Lin Ye
04:07 Scrum Problems or support: RE: I wanna submit a translation file "zh.yml"
version 2
update some strings
Lin Ye
03:11 Scrum Problems or support: RE: I wanna submit a translation file "zh.yml"
zh.yml Lin Ye
01:18 Scrum Problems or support: I wanna submit a translation file "zh.yml"
I wanna submit a translation file "zh.yml", I tanslated it by myself.
What should I do?
Lin Ye
04:02 Scrum Defect #932 (Rejected): When I installed scrum, calendar page show 500 error
@Connecting to database specified by database.yml
Creating scope :sorted. Overwriting existing method
Lin Ye
01:14 Scrum User story #930: Since I installed scrum plugin, I cann't acess any redmine pages, the bowser showed "Internal error"
I did as what you said, it works fine now, thank you! Lin Ye

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