Display error in burndown chard (sprint/hours), pending effort starts at zero

Added by Christian Wolf over 2 years ago

I have the problem that the pending effort is calculated based on settings in the past.
So, if I create a sprint that starts tomorrow (or later) everything is all right. The charts are generated all right.

If I create a spring starting today this is not so true. There is no such notion as a past pending effort so it is assumed to be zero. The result is a messed up burndown chart.

I attached 2 screenshots with the effect shown just changing the start day of the sprint.

Suggested solutions:

  1. If you open the task in the issue view you see the estimated pending effort for each day you put a value there. You could add a UI element to add additional days in this list to allow to provide a guess in the past
  2. As a workaround you could check for each day of the burndown chart if there is a estimated effort there (in the past relative to the point you are looking at). If yes, use it. If no, look for the first point in time there is such a guess and use this.
Screenshot_2019-05-15 Test2 - Redmine.png (39.4 KB) Screenshot_2019-05-15 Test2 - Redmine.png Burndown chart with a sprint starting today
Screenshot_2019-05-15 Test2 - Redmine2.png (34.2 KB) Screenshot_2019-05-15 Test2 - Redmine2.png Burndown chart with a sprint starting tomorrow