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Multi-team support in backlog burndown chart

Added by Hiroshi Miura over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Product backlog burndown


Here is a bug report for backlog burndown chart.

Nexus is a framework to scaling project with several scrum teams.
We are working with 5 scrum teams for a project currently.

Keys of nexus are as follows:

  • Single backlog for teams.
  • Individual kanbans for each teams.
  • Integrated backlog burndown chart and release plan for a project.
  • Individual sprint burndown chart.

To support these behaviors, we can use redmine and scrum plugin with following settings;

  • Use single project.
  • Use single burndown board for all teams.
  • assign sprint name for each team such as sprint5_teamA, sprint5_teamB
  • each team works with each sprint board.
  • We can see burndown chat for each team's sprint.

Now we will see broken backlog burndown chart.

It may process tickets for each sprint as a single team's individual sprint.
but nexus setup, there are concurrent sprint by several teams so it should consolidate these to a single iteration.

Are there any better way to support Nexus with redmine? Or it may be a bug/new feature request for backlog burndown chart.


Updated by Emilio González Montaña over 3 years ago

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This could be a great feature of the plugin, but it seems to be a difficult one (I think we can do more than just allowing multi-team in the PB backlog...).

I will have to think about it... any chance to get economical support via Patreon to implement this feature?

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