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      • Rails SVN Admin

        Ruby on Rails web application to admin Apache based SVN repositories.

      • RSVN

        RSVN means Rails SVN Web client Browser, with these features:

        • Multiple repository selection.
        • Authentication is not stored on application, every user must use his own credentials.
        • Browsing along repositories includes svn:externals browsing.
        • History is shown for every browsed element (file or directory).
        • Files elements can be downloaded.
        • No data base is needed at all, only edit config/settings.yml (copy from template file config/settings.yml.example).

      • Tests on Rails

        Main features of Tests on Rails:

        • Tests edition with wiki syntax edition style.
        • User with login to protect the application access with several roles.
        • Exam generation to print or to be run by candidates via web. The results will be stored to be used by the examiners.
        • Questions can be categorized.
        • Every question has details:
          • Author.
          • Creation and update dates.
          • Statistics about the answers on exams.
        • The application has a settings view to customize it.

Also available in: Atom