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996 Scrum Defect New 'Release Plan' link gives 'Internal Error' on Fresh Redmine 2.6.1 with Scrum 0.9.1 Immediate

995 Scrum Defect New 'Product Backlog Burndown' link gives 'Internal Error' on Fresh Redmine 2.6.1 with Scrum 0.9.1 Immediate

994 Scrum Defect New 'Product Backlog' not visible on Fresh Redmine 2.6.1 with Scrum 0.9.1 Immediate

993 Scrum Defect New Sprint Board is missing on Fresh Redmine 2.6.1 with Scrum 0.9.1 version Immediate

1142 Scrum Defect New 'Page not found' after configuration Urgent Settings & admin

869 Scrum Defect New Sprints panel is not displayed on my project setting page Urgent

677 Advanced roadmap Error New Undefined method merge_conditions on calendar view Urgent Calendars

527 Advanced roadmap Error New Comment history only shown to Adminstrator (on redmine v1.2.0) Urgent Issues

425 Redmine plugins Feature New Trabajo Urgent

373 Advanced roadmap Feature New doc help Urgent

1373 Scrum Defect New Error when trying to add PBI or tasks into a sprint backlog High Sprint board

1297 Scrum Defect New Sprint burndown SPs and Hours show wrong curve and data High Sprint burndown

1295 Advanced roadmap Error New calendar display milestone information has some error High

1188 Scrum User story In progress User Manual High General

1131 Scrum Defect New Page not found error High General

1126 Scrum Defect New Scrum Board bad positioning High

1125 Scrum Defect New Internal error when i clic in sprint tab High Sprint board

1058 Scrum User story New Rendering of scrum board is slow when many tasks High Sprint board

1055 Scrum Defect New Internal 500 Error when going to sprint board High Sprint board

1032 Scrum Defect New Cannot install plugin on 2.5.2 with Rails 4 High General

1016 Scrum Defect New cannot install on debian jessie deb installed redmine High

1008 Scrum Defect New install fail on redmine 3.0.0/3.0.1 High

959 Scrum Defect New Sprint Board empty after update from 0.7 -> 0.9.1 High

930 Scrum User story New Since I installed scrum plugin, I cann't acess any redmine pages, the bowser showed "Internal error" High

928 Scrum User story New Sprint burndown chart not reflect wanted burndown chart drawed by manually High

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