Can't set some settings

Added by S. mika 10 months ago


I am new in the world of redmine and saw this plugin. I use bitnami with redmine and added this plugin. I also did bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate
and it all looks fine. When I go the admin settings, I have a problem setting "“Story points custom field” plugin setting isn't configured, you can configure it in Administration » Plugins » Scrum Redmine plugin"

I can't set a value on:

Story points custom field (see picture)

Also I got some erros "Sprint with orphan tasks (no parent PBI) #1, #2, #3, #5" When I put them in sprint 1. Hopefully someone can help me futher or put me to the right direction.

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RE: Can't set some settings - Added by S. mika 10 months ago

I figure it out, how to solve the orphan taksks issue. But I still have problem to sett Story points custom field.

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RE: Can't set some settings - Added by Emilio González Montaña 10 months ago

Hi Smika,

Did you crete the custom field for the Story Points? If not, create it (issue custom field of type number, list (of numbers), float...), then go to plugin settings & select it.

That's all.