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# Project Tracker Status Subject Priority Category % Done Estimated time
1566 Scrum User story New Visual improvements Normal Post-its & styling

1565 Advanced roadmap Feature Resolved Redmine 4 support Normal General

1550 Scrum User story Resolved Redmine 4 support Normal Redmine changes

1547 Scrum User story New Basic Kanban board Normal

1524 Scrum User story Resolved Clean up JS code to update task Normal Sprint board

1520 Scrum To do Resolved Fix it Normal

1519 Scrum Defect Resolved Fix PB add PBIs titles (bottom/top texts are reversed) Normal Product backlog

1518 Scrum To do New Fix problem when a group is also selected Normal

1514 Scrum To do Resolved Modify issue query model patch to allow total of pending effort Normal

1491 Scrum To do Resolved Fix URLs in PB selection combobox Normal

1490 Scrum Defect Resolved Fail to change PB from PB list Normal Product backlog

1489 Scrum Defect Rejected Pop-up window for logging time in tasks doesn't appear Urgent Sprint board

1488 Scrum To do Resolved Translate all help views to Spanish Normal

1487 Scrum To do Resolved Add rest of views help content Normal

1486 Scrum To do Resolved Add Patreon/Paypal support images/links Normal

1485 Scrum To do Resolved Add help to Sprint board as first view Normal

1484 Scrum User story Resolved Plugin help links on Scrum views Normal General

1483 Scrum To do Resolved Improve max series reached warning Normal

1482 Scrum To do Rejected Review how the speed calculation affects subproject series Normal

1481 Scrum To do Resolved Allow speed calculation to use all past sprints Normal

1480 Scrum To do Resolved Cut burndown X sprints after total serie is finished Normal

1479 Scrum To do Resolved Allow render only total burndown Normal

1478 Scrum User story Resolved Improve PB burndown on multi-projects Normal Product backlog burndown

1477 Scrum To do Resolved Add fix to the Sprint burndown by SPs & effort Normal

1476 Scrum Defect Resolved Sprint burndown by SPs must use RSPs for first day if they exist Normal Sprint burndown

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