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# Proyecto Tipo Estado Asunto Prioridad Categoría % Realizado Tiempo estimado
1292 Scrum User story New please explain how to used this plugin Normal Sprint board

1291 Scrum User story New Filter By Assignee Normal Sprint board

1290 Scrum User story New Sprint with orphan tasks (no parent PBI) Normal Sprint board

1289 Scrum Defect New Error in calendar Normal Calendar

1285 Scrum To do New Improvment proposal to close pbi when all task are closed Low

1284 Scrum To do New Improvment proposal to optimise rendering of the sprint board Low

1283 Scrum Defect New Start date is not set automatically on new task creation Low Sprint board

1279 Scrum Defect New Input date of the 'scrum new form' are not rendered correctly Low Sprint board

1278 Scrum User story In progress Allow PBIs without tasks in Sprint board Normal Sprint board

1233 Scrum Defect New Unable to control "Sprint" and "Pending Effort" field permissions via Workflow Normal General

1231 Scrum Defect New Sprint and Pending Effort fields are reset when issue is copied Normal General

1230 Scrum User story New Backlog & Done based on status Normal Settings & admin

1228 Scrum User story New As a Redmine user I would like to have an ability to display total Pending Effort on the issues list Normal Issues list & form

1225 Scrum Defect New Sprint burndown chart calculated incorrectly Normal Sprint burndown

1224 Scrum Defect New Wrong emails Normal General

1212 Scrum To do New Save selected Sprint on Sprint view Normal

1202 Localizable Feature New French locale file Normal Locales

1198 Scrum User story New Automatically change the start date , completion and end date on task move Normal Sprint board

1196 Scrum User story New Add existing user story to the sprint directly from the springboard Normal Sprint board

1195 Scrum User story New Assign users to a task directly from the springboard Normal Sprint board

1194 Localizable Feature New Error 404 Normal

1193 Scrum User story New Error 404 Normal General

1192 Scrum Defect New Rendered status not updated on task sticker after drop'n'down to another status column in sprint board Normal

1190 Members report Error New open the setting page occured 500 error Normal

1188 Scrum User story In progress User Manual High General

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