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# Proyecto Tipo Estado Asunto Prioridad Categoría % Realizado Tiempo estimado
1507 Scrum Defect New Saved Story Points in Product Backlog view get saved in custom field instead of SP-Field Normal Product backlog

1505 Scrum User story New Backlog PBI : show description in a popup on issue link title mouseover Normal Post-its & styling

1504 Scrum Defect New Move pbi js, issue in source code Normal Sprint board

1500 Scrum Defect New Can't update pending time Normal Sprint board

1499 Scrum Defect New Exception when trying to move PBI between backlogs Normal Product backlog

1498 Scrum User story New Crash when try to copy issue Normal Issues list & form

1497 Scrum Defect New Fail to create new issues with specified sprint Normal

1496 Scrum User story New Missing calendar field control dropdown in v0.18 Normal

1495 Advanced roadmap Error New "no url" when right-clicking with a pop-up task tooltip visible Normal

1494 Scrum Defect New Internal Server Error Normal Settings & admin

1493 Scrum To do New Need clarification on whether Sprints can be accessed by remine APIs Normal

1469 Scrum User story New PBIs without tasks in Sprint board should implement spent time management in some way Normal

1415 Scrum User story New Simplified Chinese translation file for V.0.17.0 Normal

1414 Advanced roadmap Support New Simplified Chinese translation file for V.0.11.0 Normal Locales

1380 Advanced roadmap Error New Undefined method 'abort' for Redmine::Helpers::Gantt Normal Issues

1379 Scrum User story New Auto hide sprint board columns Normal Sprint board

1373 Scrum Defect New Error when trying to add PBI or tasks into a sprint backlog High Sprint board

1342 Scrum User story New Values for Sprint field cannot be imported using CSV-Import Normal Issues list & form

1340 Advanced roadmap Feature New Milestone and Versions ordering Normal Milestones

1339 Scrum User story New [PATCH] French translation update Normal

1338 Scrum Defect New Cant create Sprint in local setup due to start and end date Normal Settings & admin

1335 Scrum User story New When adding a new "To Do"-Item, please add estimated hours as a form field. Normal

1334 Scrum Defect New After creating or modifying a ticket using a todo-item, you cannot move any ticket to other lanes anymore. Normal

1325 Advanced roadmap Feature New Assign tickets to Milestone Low Milestones

1298 Scrum User story New Multi-team support in backlog burndown chart Normal Product backlog burndown

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